I'm ready for my Date

Stardust Stain I'm ready for my Date
Always ready, but never on time :) 

I know it's been a while since my previous post and I am truly sorry - I'll try to make it up this month. I've been going through a non-creative phase and lack of time, so it all resulted into neglecting my blog. Last month ended my first Facebook giveaway and I am happy with the interest and glad that the owner of the necklace (same as the one I'm wearing in these pictures) liked it a lot. Other news is that I turned 27 this June, so now I am one year older and hopefully wiser. Had a great day and what I must mention is that I received one really interesting and unique gift from my boyfriend which I'll show it to you in one of the upcoming posts. And enough of text, here is my first July post: outfit not so common for this period of the year but this year summer is a bit late here. Have a nice time if you're somewhere on a holiday and don't forget to check my blog from time to time. Cheers!

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Playing With Denims

Stardust Stain Playing With Denims

I am usually more into colorful combinations, but from time to time I want to experiment with the same just in different tone. This time I chose denims, shirt and jeans as two pieces which get along with everything, but also looks great when together. Even though denim is totally in these last couple of seasons, for me it is a 'must have and wear' piece since always.

Great as Britain

Stardust Stain Great as Britain

Don't get confused or scared, this is me in those lazy days when I have no time or will to make my hair. Actually all I do is straightening, but when I'm in a hurry I just leave it as it is: natural and curly. Some friends suggest to leave it that way, some like it straightened a bit more, and me... I like it both ways. What I know is that hair needs time to get rest from all those 'treatments' and for me those days are such a relief.
The tee I am wearing is my creation (let's name it that way) and I love it. When I first saw it in the men's department I just knew it would be mine. I wasn't so sure how am I gonna wear it (because of its size) and after I bought it, it stood for a couple of months in the closet because of me not being creative. Finally when I decided to change it I took the scissors, did a few cuts, added straps and voila: a new unique piece called 'Great as Britain'! Hope you'll like it.

Hello Sunshine

Stardust Stain Hello Sunshine

Yesterday was such a great day and it would have been a pity if I haven't used it well. Last couple of days were busy and the weather wasn't on my side at all, so holiday on Friday and a day off is a perfect situation for pictures and a new post here.

And for today I decided to introduce you with one online store which I discovered not so recently Clothingloves.net with very reasonable worldwide shipping costs, tracking number, excellent service and no PayPal required. You can find a great selection of clothing there like women's dresses, dresses on sale under 8.99$, glamorous discounted wedding dresses and cheap celebrity dresses, women's shirts and blousesjewelry, accessories and many more. The ring I am wearing with this outfit I bought from here, also took one in red color, and it would be a perfect match with many outfits for the upcoming summer. Unfortunately both are out of stock for now, but check other offers and I'm sure you will find something else you are going to like it.

New In: Goodies

Stardust Stain New In: Goodies

Probably the first time for me to go shopping and don't buy any clothes. As I was limited with time, I just couldn't allow my self trying wardrobe, so I just picked some stuff which I liked and still it wasn't that easy to decide. Now I'm pretty much ready for the upcoming summer: body splashes, some lip care, new sunnies and shoes. Hot Skopje summer, I'm ready for you.