I'm ready for my Date

Stardust Stain I'm ready for my Date
Always ready, but never on time :) 

I know it's been a while since my previous post and I am truly sorry - I'll try to make it up this month. I've been going through a non-creative phase and lack of time, so it all resulted into neglecting my blog. Last month ended my first Facebook giveaway and I am happy with the interest and glad that the owner of the necklace (same as the one I'm wearing in these pictures) liked it a lot. Other news is that I turned 27 this June, so now I am one year older and hopefully wiser. Had a great day and what I must mention is that I received one really interesting and unique gift from my boyfriend which I'll show it to you in one of the upcoming posts. And enough of text, here is my first July post: outfit not so common for this period of the year but this year summer is a bit late here. Have a nice time if you're somewhere on a holiday and don't forget to check my blog from time to time. Cheers!