New In: Prints, Cotton and Beads

Stardust Stain New In: Prints, Cotton and Beads
Snake Print Jeans: MAC
Bodysuit: Atmosphere
Tee: Atmosphere
Necklace: H&M 

I never though I would ever buy / wear snake print or animal print of any kind until I saw this jeans which blown my mind. Perfectly designed, the print is not that strong and fades at some places, actually made just for me.  I liked the print of the bodysuit and the color of the beaded cross very much and I already made millions of outfits in my head. The tee I bought because I liked its simplicity and coziness. At last, the necklace which was on my wishlist for months, finally is here in my hands (and very soon on my neck). Too bad we don't have H&M stores here, but for that purpose online shopping luckily is working just fine.

Enjoy While You Work

Stardust Stain Enjoy While You Work

Just yesterday I returned from my one week working "vacation" and still can't get back to reality and use to everyday activities in my city. I am lucky to have a job that allows projects like this and I enjoy working on such. The weather was amazing, Ohrid almost half empty and the view from my room absolutely relaxing. Unfortunately, I didn't make pictures from outfits, but I surely promise that you'll enjoy these from Lake Ohrid, Bay of the Bones and St. Naum as well.

New In: Leather and Cotton

Stardust Stain New In: Leather and Cotton
Pink Floyd Tee: Miss Selfridge
Leather Pants: Bershka
Black Tee: Atmosphere
Leather Skirt: Bershka

I decided to put a section on the blog called "New In" and share the things I bought recently. What you see now are my favorite leather pants and high-waist skirt which I can't wait to wear and of course put a picture from the look here. Other, is one great Pink Floyd tee which would be perfect for the summer days, not only because of the model, but also because of the lovely color print from probably the best album of that band. The black fringe shirt was love at first sight and I knew it had to be mine as it was the last available in the store.

Which one is your favorite?

Lost in the Scenery

Stardust Stain Lost in the Scenery

Yeah, I know the background and the print of my blouse are almost a match, but trust me it was a coincidence. The first thing I noticed in this blouse when I saw it was the stunning nature and that realistic print which made me love it, even though it was the one and only two sizes larger than mine. But hey, I don't mind wearing oversized blouses: just put the front in the jeans, crease the sleeves and hit the road.

The Green Mile

stardust stain, the green mile

"The Green Mile" has nothing to do with today's post, but anyway it is hell of a good movie. Actually all movies based on Stephen King's books are incredibly amazing and this one according me is one of the best. However, when I was thinking about naming the post, it was the very first thing that came into my mind after seeing my olive green blouse (besides the fact that I'm his fan) . That piece is one of my favorites for this spring and together with that statement necklace and studded shoes is a perfect match.

The Connecting Ring

stardust stain The Connecting Ring

Sometimes preparing to meet someone might took more time than planned, just like yesterday. I made a deal with a friend of mine and it took a while before I decide what to wear - not just because of the "date", but because of the changing weather conditions the last couple of days. After viewing the pictures, try not to notice that I matched exactly the same colors as the ring.

Eagle Fly Free

stardust stain Eagle Fly Free

I must admit that I love wearing boots with tees especially on a rainy days like these. People often avoid such mixtures, but I use every opportunity to wear this two pieces together and under weather conditions like now it's something unavoidable. In boots I feel extremely comfortable and tend to wear them not only in winter. I hope this mild period of the year will last longer, as days like these are so rare last couple of years.

Love Struck

stardust stain Love Struck

Spring since always has been the perfect period for changes and starting something new. Well, I decided that it's probably time to start something that I kept in mind for a long time and I must admit I love changes, especially when it's connected with something that I wanna do. My first outfit is in the name of love, easy and comfy combination, perfectly suited for long walks in the city park as one of my favorite and most relaxing places in my town. Hope you'll enjoy as I did.